Saturday, January 28, 2006


Telemarketer Blacklist

Posted at CallCap Blacklist

CallCap BlackList. A list of telephone numbers that have been identified as telemarketers by SITA Laboratories, Inc. dba CallCap, its customers, and vistors to the CallCap Website. Use this list at your own risk, it is provided on an "AS IS" basis and SITA LABORATORIES, INC. DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO ANY WARRANTY THAT THE USE OF THE INFORMATION HEREIN WILL NOT INFRINGE ANY RIGHTS OR ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. This information may not be modified or redistributed or used for any commercial purpose without the prior written consent of SITA Laboratories, Inc

206 415 8915
206 278 9157
206 278 9723
206 278 9097
206 415 9229
206 415 8547
231 224 2015
206 278 8663
206 336 5668
206 278 8899
206 278 9103
206 278 9554
206 278 9296
231 224 2018
206 415 8829
206 278 8659
269 537 2030
269 426 1441
253 218 3411
253 218 3410
231 224 2012
269 349 1239
206 441 0000
206 415 8503
206 278 0009
231 224 2050
206 674 3000
206 288 2801
206 629 8617
206 666 7278
206 774 7670
206 629 8624
206 629 8619
206 629 8616
206 629 8613
206 438 0500
206 415 9126
206 415 8829
206 415 8556
206 278 9412
206 278 0062

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Texas issues DNC warning to Dish Network

Posted at San Antoino Business Journal

PUC issues warning to Dish Network over do-not-call violations
Catherine Dominguez

Satellite television provider Dish Network has 20 days to rectify or contest allegations that they violated Texas No-Call list regulations over a nine-month period in 2005.

» DISH Network

In a Jan. 3 letter, legal staff members of the Public Utility Commission of Texas notified the Englewood, Colo.-based company, which provides services in San Antonio, that the regulator had received numerous reports of violations from Texas residents.
If the company is found to have indeed violated the Texas Business and Commerce Code's No-Call list regulations, it could be fined $1,000 for each violation. Additionally, the letter states that Dish Network failed to purchase the Texas No-Call lists published in March, June and September 2005.
According to the PUC Substantive Rule 26.37 (d)(2), telemarketers are required to purchase the Texas No-Call list, which is published every 60 days. Failing to purchase the list carries a fine of $750 for each violation.
The Texas No-Call list was established through Texas House Bill 210 and became effective in January 2002. The law allows a Texas resident to place his or her name, address and telephone number on this list, to identify themselves as a consumer who does not wish to receive telemarketing calls. The list prevents telephone solicitations to residential and wireless phone numbers from all telemarketers operating in Texas.
Serious warning
According to a memorandum sent by PUC staff members to W. Lane Lanford, executive director of the PUC, this is not the first time the company has violated the statute.
"Commission staff issued a letter to Dish Network in February 2005 reminding the company of its obligation related to the Texas No-Call list and warning the company that additional non-compliance could lead to an enforcement action by the commission," the memorandum states. "Since the issuance of that letter, staff has determined that Dish Network has continued to engage in telemarketing activities and, based upon information received from customer complaints, made 14 prohibited calls during the period March 2005 to November 2005."

The company could face a fine up to $17,000 for the violations.
"Now that this letter has been sent to us, we will investigate (the allegations)," says Marc Lumpkin, spokesman for Dish Network. "Our legal department will get involved and investigate it."
Lumpkin says Dish operates two large call centers in Texas located in Harlingen and El Paso, but says the company does not make telemarketing calls from those locations. He explains that Dish Network has independent satellite television retailers throughout the state that purchase Dish Network equipment and resell it. Dish Network customers subscribe to their satellite service through those retailers.
Some of those retailers do make telemarketing calls and, Lumpkin adds, have violated the Texas No-Call list in the past despite Dish Network's efforts to follow all rules and regulations of the state.
"We educated them on that," he says. "They have to follow all laws. They have to adhere to all local, state and national codes regarding do-not-call lists and they cannot violate them. If they do, they face possible termination as a Dish Network retailer."
Lumpkin says Dish Network, as a company, follows state do-not-call list regulations. He said exceptions to the laws allow the company to call current and former customers, including those with outstanding statements.
"As a general rule, we don't call out (to new customers). We take call-ins," Lumpkin says. "The independent retailers do all sorts of marketing activities."
Dish Network, an EchoStar Communication Corp. subsidiary, provides Direct Broadcast Satellite television products and services to 12 million customers nationwide.

Saturday, January 07, 2006


Latest (206) telemarketer numbers

(206 278 8691) (206 278 8803) from telemarketers trying to sell Dell computer services.
Posted at Dell Online Chat Security
More about these numbers at Portland Ind. Media Center (see Aug.2005)
If anybody has any info. please post.

Dish Network still telemarketing.
(734 298 7802) private is from Dish Network (888 332 1486). An illegal recorded message,with no call back number, no live operator etc. Telemarketer argued that he was not violating DNC because I called him. When I said no you called me. He said that because I pressed one, that I called him. Its hard to believe after DirecTV paying 5.3 million to the FTC that Dish Network would continue to do the same thing.

(972 385 9433) Dallas Tx is from Direct Dish, no way to get on DNC list when you call and voice mail is always full.

(206 415 8554) is from Telemarketing Concepts
80 Triangle Center, Yorktown Heights NY 10598
call 800 666 0858
914 245 0701
914 245 0655 posted at Tim's Rants
Illegal surveys:214 446 1901) CMI (214 446 1605) Nexcall (214 446 1622) Manor Hse Assoc. (425 256 3734) Cookies Extreme, recorded message “asking if I wanted more info on charities to which to donate”. (425 256 3734) Double Eagle D, recorded message “a public service message” to “ stay fit and exercise”. (206 415 8733) “Mortgage questionnaire”. (206 415 9499) recorded message advises that I can get a “flu shot at a local county clinic” then disconnects. (253 218 3406) My first survey, (253 218 3412) (253 218 3413) K&V Surveys.

These calls may be from Intelius- Bellvue WA, an online reference service specializing in locating people. They also provide telemarketing lists. They probably use the fake surveys to gather info. Call 877 974 1500 to complain. If anybody has information, please post.

Posted at DMA
DMA Releases Latest Ethics Report; Refers Listing Service to FCC

December 20, 2005 –
The Direct Marketing Association’s (DMA) Committee on Ethical Business Practice reports that three companies, none of which are DMA members, failed to cooperate with DMA when asked respond to DMA’s request for information on their business practices in an attempt to reach appropriate complaint resolutions.

In addition, one of the three companies, SND Marketing Listing Service of Spring, TX, was referred to the Federal Communications Commission for possible action.
"The vast majority of cases reviewed by DMA’s Ethics Committees are resolved,” said Patricia Kachura, senior vice president for ethics and consumer affairs at DMA. “When companies fail to cooperate with DMA and the Committees suspect a possible legal violation, it is our policy to refer these companies to federal and state agencies for appropriate action, and that is what we are doing today.”

The following companies failed to cooperate with DMA’s Committee on Ethical Business Practice:
Intelius of Bellevue, WA, an online reference service specializing in locating individuals. The DMA Committee on Ethical Business Practice alleged that the company failed to confirm that sources of information for the reference service do not include marketing data, or whether and how consumers can remove their names from the service.

Primary Issues of Concern Based on 20 Current Cases:

1) Marketing information should not be used in individual look-up or reference services. Online reference services should not include information relating to consumers’ marketing transactions. Consumers would not reasonably expect that information about what they purchased, or how they responded in a marketing survey, would result in their inclusion in an online look-up service.

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