Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Marathon Communications (800 919 1000) continues to provide numbers for illegal telemarketers

Posted at Pay Phone site.

TOPIC - 206-415-9126
DATE - 06/12/06 13:46:48
FROM - dirty PA

I saw there were several other complaints regarding this number so I figured I'd share my fun afternoon with the rest of you.

I received a call from "Health Care" this afternoon. The only reason I've been answering these types of calls lately is because we recently changed our phone number due to a lovely stalking incident. The number change was long enough ago for our registration with the national DNC list to take effect but not quite long enough for the PA list to go into effect. Since we are registered on the national DNC list I have already filed a complaint about "Health Care." Hopefully there are enough others that do the same so that some action is taken.

Anyhow, when I answered I pressed "1" as instructed because I figured maybe they were looking for the old guy who used to have our number....... I asked that they remove us from their database to which I got a quick, "yeah sure" from Mr. Intelligent. I then asked the name of the company. This was received with a "Hello? Hello?" and then a dial tone... as if that fucker didn't hear me lol. I then tried calling back but all you get is a pre-recorded message asking you to put your phone number in so they can remove you. Yeah right... more like sell your good number to some other scammers. I opted instead to start pushing random numbers in and then confirming that it was "correct."

Since I was bored I continued to do this for the next hour as I surfed the net. I really had nothing better to do this afternoon so it was a great way to pass the time :D

I googled the number and found this place which was quite helpful since someone was nice enough to post the 800# for the company that sells these scammers service. I called the company up and pressed "0" for the operator. Of course she wasn't available though. I called back and pressed "7" for info about their auto-dialer service (!!!) and spoke to a "wonderful representative. When I asked her if she could give me the name of the company that this 206# belonged to she informed me that it would be illegal for her to give me that information. I guess it isn't illegal for said company to harass someone registered on the DNC list though.

Well, I'm sure you can imagine how happy she was to hear that. I let her know that her "privacy only matters to us" company has been reported. She asked for my phone number so that she could place us on her DNC list. Yeah, sure. I'll get right on that one. I told her no because I really didn't feel like being harassed even more when she sold our number to even more scammers. She really didn't care for that either....

You know, I really hate fuckers like this. It's okay for them to call us but god forbid they identify themselves. I hope hell has a special place where they are repeatedly anally raped by rotary phones. Seems only right...

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