Monday, August 29, 2005


206 278 8663 / 269 537 2028 update

Latest (206) numbers (206 278 8663) Atlantic and (269 537 2028).North Carolina Attorney General has a new investigator working on the Guardian Communications case and expects to move foward quickly.NC is very tough on telemarketers.To file a complaint with your Attorney General, you can google to find it or go to the Florida DNC program and at the bottom of the page they have links to all the states. Many states are active, but some may need a little push from you. Do not assume someone else has already called. The same with the FCC and the FTC. Try to get a live person, and call back to see the status of the investigation.Mention any TCPA violations, for example: unsolicited telephone calls, failure to implement DNC request, use of a predictive dialer, fake CID etc.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


231 224 2000 /231 224 2020 update

Friday, August 19, 2005


Double Reading post

“Out For Blood”
I probably shouldn’t make fun of people who post comments on my site (but as far as I’m concerned, this stupid 206-415 business is a site of it’s own now — I swear that most of the people posting comments didn’t even read my original post… they seem to not understand that the phone number is spoofed and that whoever is at 206-415-9247 is an innocent third-party in this mess, but whatever), but I loved this comment:
My call came in while I was donating blood this morning. I thought it might be my kids so I picked without seeing who it was because I was laying prone with a needle and tube in my arm. 206 415 9247. I gave blood and now I’m out for blood. I’m tired of repeating hello. I also get overseas calls from family and friends and id doesn’t always show up the same. It gives me agita! They’re gonna wish they’d never called this girl, lemme tell ya. I never give up on justice.
(emphasis mine)
Holy shit everyone. Watch out for “SanDiegoGrommet”!!
Oh, and “agita” is “acid indigestion.” Yikes!

One Response to ““Out For Blood””
steve Says: August 18th, 2005 at 3:23 pm
Your right,this 206 415 …. is big. People post on 4 sites and my 206 thread at gets about 1oo hits/day.My blog is devoted to shutting down Guardian Communications (309 277 1222) the telemarketer behind these calls. I don’t think (206 415 9247) is spoofed.They get the 206 #’s from Marathon Communications a phone company in Seattle. Sorry Double Reading, The problem is people google 206 415.... and get 4 or 5 relevant sites. They pick one, look at the most recent post and think "wow, thats what happened to me" and post a comment.Now since you posted (206 415 9247) google has another link to you. Oh well.

Monday, August 15, 2005


269 537 2031 / 269 537 2020

Posted: Tue Aug 16, 2005 7:22 am

Guardian Communications has a new number. Received calls from (269 537 2031) and (269 537 2020) both Customer Service on CID. Googled and got this from"Telemarketer Report I registered my number with the National Do Not Call Registry and to my amazement, the calls have all but ceased. Although, there is one company not getting the message. The number showing up when they call is 269-537-2031. I have done a reverse directory search and nothing comes up but the area code and prefex is located in Niles, Michigan. When they call, it is an automated message about health care providers or something. Takes the stupid message almost a full minute to come on. This does not seem like it would be too productive for telemarketing because I think most people would think that nobody was there and just hang up. Anyway, I called the morons back (this is my third and final request) and asked to be removed, letting them know I am on the National Registry and if they call again, I will be reporting them. I want them to call. **Update: This company called back with the number 269-537-2020 and I again asked to be taken off and threatened them again with reporting them. I will give them 24 hours." The weird thing is, Niles Michigan was the source of this- "Sheriff issues scam warning Tuesday, April 5, 2005 11:06 AM EDT ST. JOSEPH - Berrien County's Sheriff's Office would like to remind citizens that your telephone is one of the easiest ways for a con artist to get your money. Your telephone is used as an easy entrance to the home, largely because it makes detection and prosecution difficult. Telemarketers sweet-talk American consumers out of more than $40 million a year. The Berrien County Sheriff's Office March 30 took an attempted telephone fraud concerning a refund of back income taxes, according to Deputy Karen Klug of the Crime Prevention Unit. The caller identified themselves as federal government IRS agents and called the home owner by name. The female agent stated that the home owner had a large refund to collect due to uncollected past income taxes. The IRS agent stated that she needed the home owner's current name, address, Social Security number and bank information to forward the refund. The home owner had caller ID and obtained the telephone number. The alert home owner hung up and contacted the sheriff's office. The investigating deputy called the number and obtained the name of Guardian out of Seattle, Wash., with a telephone number of (206) 415-9327. The deputy, upon calling the number back, stated it does nothing but ring." Did Guardian steal a number from somebody or am I in the telemarketing Twilight Zone.

Saturday, August 13, 2005


206 415 8940 / 206 415 9327 update

The Missouri Attorney General has filed a lawsuit against Kevin Baker and Guardian Communications (309 277 1222) 3322 38th ave.Moline IL.61265 for calling people on the DNC list and other violations. The judge in the case has issued a restraining order.If any resident gets a 206 call,they should dial (866 289 9633)and file a complaint.Pennsylvania also sued Guardian in march for $190,ooo and believes the case "will end quickly".They had 190 complaints with 10 different violations.Call the A.G. in your state and encourage them to sue Guardian Communications.

What to do if you get calls from one of these numbers:Answer the phone,otherwise they will just keep calling.Ask to be put on the DNC list.Note type of product or service mentioned,name of telemarketer, as well as the company for which they are selling.Post any a complaint with your state Attorney General.Some states are actively pursuing this telemarketer (Pa Nc Ky Wa Mo).File a complaint with the FCC.(888 225 5322)They will only use the enforcement bureau after a pattern of complaints.Same with the FTC (877 382 4357)You must also show fraud or abuse:deceptive practices,calling during restricted hours,failure to transmit caller ID info etc.File a lawsuit.Call Guardian Communications (309 277 1222)and complain.Call company owner Kevin M Baker (309 736 9167). Go to for more

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


206 415 8880/206 415 8940/ 206 415 9390/206 415 9327/206 415 9369/206 415 9247 etc.

What we know so far: Guardian Communications (309 277 1222) owns at least 2 of the 206 #’s ( 206 415 8940 ) card services and ( 206 415 9327 ) guardian. Missouri A.G. subpoenaed Marathon Communications (800 919 1000) and got that info. I also believe they use (206 278 9390) (206 415 8880) cust. service and (206 415 9369). When you call all these #’s you get exactly the same message. (206 415 9365) gets Evergreen Sales and Marketing message. (206 415 8614) gets customer service recording with a female voice. (206 415 9322)”survey call” (206 415 8547) health plans and (206 415 9247) corporate office “message in Spanish” still get a fast busy when you call back.The question is, does Guardian use all the 206#’s for different clients or does Marathon provide 206#’s to different telemarketers. Please post if you have any information.

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