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Marathon Communcations continues to provide numbers for illegal surveys

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206 - Marathon - Markata -Manor House - 42 Holdings update

I guess I should have registered before making my previous post.I paid a visit to Marathon Communications today, about 20 minutes away. I served them a cease and desist letter and they were happy to oblige and give me the information I was seeking.Paul Revere Marketing is directly reposible for the following "companies"
206-278-8878 -- 42 HOLDINGS
206-278-8980 -- MARKATA
206-278-9544 -- AZ SURVEY
253-218-3412 -- K AND V SURVEYS
425-256-3739 -- MANOR HOUSE
425-256-3737 -- MHWC
253-218-3406 -- MY FIRST SURVEY
425-256-3738 -- DOUBLE EAGLE D
206-415-8733 -- AGUAYO CONSULT
360-362-5413 -- AZ SURVEY
360-362-5395 -- MUSTANG HOLDING

Paul Revere Marketing can be found at
Paul Revere Marketing, LLC
14362 N. Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd Suite 1000 Scottsdale, AZ 85260
602 692 1131
I spoke with Greg Garbero who is the agent registered with Marathon for Paul Revere.Greg can be reached at 602-692-1131 or fax at 1-866-473-4439 or EMAIL AT
Anyone want to see pictures of my visit to Marathon?

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Stick it back to them!

Markata, Double Eagle D, et cetera have been flooding arizona with bullshit surveys to get information for their mothercompany Marathon Communications. I found this out by doing a reverse lookup online for the phone number 214-446-1900. I called them three times before they even admitted to having any association with the company Markata. Apparently they have the hardware that makes auto-calls to people for their survey in house at their Bothell, WA location:

Marathon Communications
22722 29th Drv SE Suite 120
Bothell, Wa 98021

So if you want to take a more direct approach to being removed from their machines, go there. Otherwise call the phone number 1-800-919-1000. If you call, it may take a few attempts - I personally had to resort to colorful explitives to convey my point which is why I suggest going to the source.

I hate them. So if you get a wild hair up your ass and want to bomb/fly an airplane into/shoot bullets at/piss on/eat or otherwise disrupt their flow of income, I would not be offended and would actually look forward to seeing their smoldering remains on the news.
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